Homemaker’s Guide To Interior Design


If you’ve always wanted to hire a professional interior designer for your home but couldn’t afford the fees, then  Homemaker’s Guide To Interior Design is for you!  This guide is an accumulation of seven years of knowledge, helpful hints, and trade secrets I learned while working as a high-end residential interior designer.

It includes information on visioning, floor plans, furniture plans, millwork, plumbing, appliances, lighting, cabinetry, tile/stone, carpet, flooring, hardware, paint, accessories, windows, and new construction.  Essentially, EVERYTHING you, as a homemaker, will want to know about interior design!  What’s even better is that it was written for you (no textbook vocabulary)!

With over 75 pages of helpful information, you can transform your home into a cohesive, well-designed, beautiful space that looks like it was designed by a professional!

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