Wilma Magazine March 2018

Wilma Magazine is a monthly magazine available in both print and digital subscriptions.  It reflects wholesome simpler times with an emphasis on beauty, homemaking, and interior design.

Why should you subscribe to Wilma?
-Wilma is very unique because there isn’t another magazine like her around.
-There are no ads in Wilma–only content full of insightful creative ways you can become a better homemaker.
-The content will never be featured on Creating Home.net or Pinterest.  It’s for Wilma subscribers only so you won’t see the same content recycled again and again.
-You’ll be part of an exclusive group of people who make creating home a priority.
-Through Wilma, you’ll be influenced, inspired, and  committed to become a better homemaker!

Subscription options:
-There are two different subscription options available–monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Digital Membership Cost:  $5/month or $60/year
Print Membership Cost:  $10/month or $120/year


Payment Options